Partnering with PROJECT 55

PROJECT 55 partners with partners from all over the world with whom we share the vision of helping those in in great need by empowering them to help them selves.
Our partnership policy is open but conscious as we only wish to partner with realistically potential partners 
We partner with Churches, Foundations, Institutions, Municipal councils, Hospitals, Corporate firms, Individuals and even the UN.
Our partners assist and support our work through a number of ways.
Thank you very much our global partners and we request you to allow us to let the world know about the support you have given us over time.
In the event that these partners agree to make them public, we shall publish a full list of them.

For all of you interested in partnering with us you are very welcome. We invite you to partner with us and should you chose to take interest in this kind of relationship, then contact the project manager with your partnership proposal. Your proposal will be reviewed and then take it from there.

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