Get Involved and Support our Work 

Thank you for choosing to taking time to support our efforts as we work our way to bringing change and restoring hope in the lives of the less fortunate and marginalized people.

The plain fact is that all our successful activities and programs owe their success to the many generous people and institutions the world over that support us. Every one is welcome to support us.


If you are a student you can either friend an orphan or spread the word about PROJECT 55 all over your school or University. Ask for our brochure.

If you are an adult and passionate about reaching out to help people in real need then you can either sponsor a needy orphaned child, widow or a helpless old man or woman. Alternatively you could run a PROJECT 55 fund raising campaign or a Tools collection drive in your community. The options are limitless.

If your organization or church would love to get involved the options are many and include but not limited to helping us build a new fully facilitated Children's Home, Help us transport our donated in kind donations please see URGENT TASKS below.

Request for detailed task information and a PROJECT 55 brochure

                       URGENT TASKS

These are the tasks that need your immediate fund raising support.

  1. $3850 for the transportation and clearing of a donated consignment 80 sewing machines and 2 work man tool kits
  2. $2570 for the acquisition of 10 computers for the youth computer literacy center.
  3. $45000 for phase 1 of the new children's Home construction.
  4. $2250 for the Functional Adult Literacy Class for the current 2010 study session.
  5. Volunteer fundraisers, Mentors and Teaching Assistants needed urgently

Please choose a task to support and we shall provide you with relevant task information.

Warm Regards.

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