What We Do

 PROJECT 55 is an initiative of Gombe Youth Development Organization (GYDO)

PROJECT 55 is a holistic intervention program that aims to empower the most marginalized groups of the Ugandan community. At the moment the project concentrates its efforts in the District of Wakiso.

Serving 4 of the most marginalized groups of our community, these groups are The Orphans, The Widows, The Elderly and the Youths.

Using integrated sustainable intervention models, we empower the said groups of people thus bringing hope and prosperity to their lives. With the help of our partners and donors together with viable models of implementation, we have for long realized success in our project efforts.

Please visit our respective group pages to learn more about our respective activities and plans.

Track our updates and news through our Blog.
Many thanks to our supporters and partners.

Our project main goal is: 


With extreme poverty looming especially in the upcountry rural areas of Uganda, the vulnerability of the less fortunate people of the community just keeps growing and shifting from one group to another. The need to sustainably empower people in our communities that need help the most.

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