You are most welcome to volunteer with us on our project here in Uganda. We highly regard our volunteers as they are major players in our daily efforts and their respective success.

Our volunteers are passionate people who come to serve and not to use our volunteer program as a cheap means of vacationing or Touring. If your intentions are truly volunteering and serving those in need then you are very welcome to volunteer down here with us.


Our volunteer program accepts male and female from the age of 18 to 45 years, should be mature with a high level of adaptability and should be VERY READY TO RESPECT LOCAL UGANDAN CULTURES.

We accept volunteer applications year round for volunteers ready to volunteer for not less than 2 months up to one year.

All volunteer applications carry an up front commitment fee of  of $100 at application. The volunteer pays their monthly accommodation and a one time project contribution.

Students on their GAP year and those on their Summer break are invited to apply as there is a special program arrangement for them.

Although volunteering with us does not require you to have any special skills, we require dedicated and hard working people. We do not accept individuals who use our project and volunteer program for other reasons and if discovered, these individuals shall be thrown out and handed to the relevant authorities.

If our volunteer program suits you then follow these steps to apply. Write to the project manager applying to volunteer with PROJECT 55 including your CV, Full body photo and a full personal profile. If your application is successful then the project manager will respond to you in 4 working days to let you know if or not your application was successful. In the event that you are successful, the project manager will either interview you by phone or will send you application forms and other details.

For groups coming on mission trips or other wise your group leader has to be very ready to work hand in hand with the project manager and must have good leadership abilities.

We wish you a wonderful volunteer experience.

Volunteer Program Updates

We are now accepting applications for our international Summer Youth Camp. The Youth camp will take place in June 2010. For details Contact us to be guided through the application.


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