Wakiso Town Council has an approximated 725 seniors or elderly people in the age 50 and above. These people are known as JAJAs or grand parents and are in one way very lucky to have live to pass the current 40 year mortality age of Uganda. On the other side they are very unlucky that as they got older they became helpless yet many of them have lost all their children and grand children to HIV/AIDS. Living in agony of the loss of their would be supportive children and helplessly having to provide for them selves is enough to amplify their vulnerability. Many of these elderly people have have no means of survival and live in isolation totally forgotten by society. many of them are even forced off their land due to their helplessness. Their situation is unbelievably alarming and leaves a lot to be desired.


PROJECT 55 seeks to give these most valuable people of our society an meaningful life of dignity. We do this by:

Starting Sustainable Income Generation Projects.

We working with our donors to raise money that is used to start sustainable projects that generate incomes for the more stronger elderly. The most successful of all projects has been the Piggery Project.

Home Visits

We carry out regular home visits to the most helpless of the elderly and through these home visits we deliver basic necessities like collected clothing, grain food, paraffin, basic medication and much more. We also do moral boosting and profile the health of the visited old persons.

Medical Fund

Our medical Fund seeks to help meet the medical care of the elderly especially emergency medical care at Wakiso Health Center. This program is most challenging as there is a huge demand for medical attention from the many old people yet the financial resources at our disposal are very very limited.


 Your inkind donation of clothing, shoes, bedding's etc will greatly be appreciated.

Donating towards the Income Generation Projects of the Elderly will tremendously boost our our efforts and help give these people a more meaningful and sustainably independent lives.


Still we extend our sincere gratitude to our generous supporters with whom we strive to serve. Thank you and do not quit just yet.

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