The Orphans


The orphan situation in Wakiso Town Council is just as disturbingly dramatic as is that of the widows in the same area. With close to 1800 orphans and growing, HIV/AIDS stands out as the major contributor to the growing numbers of orphans.

The Key aspects of the social impact of HIV/AIDS on orphans in Wakiso are the lack of adequate basic resources at the household level to meet the increased demand of a larger number of dependents in orphan households. The fact that most orphan households are headed by surviving widows or elderly grandmothers just makes the whole situation more desperate. This call for Holistic interventions.


Using an integrated model of Rescuing, Mentoring and Empowering, we reach out to these young souls in order to give them hope and dignity. Our goal is to an environment that guarantees a life of dignity to the orphans of Wakiso Town Council.



We identify orphans with non of either parents and collect those abandoned and resettle them at our small Children's center and from this point on the resettled child becomes family. After successful resettlement, we strive to find an adoption parent using our integrated adoption plan. The Children center currently houses 14 orphans.

Development Mentoring

This program approach works with teenage orphans who stay out of our children center. Through this program depending on available resources, we sponsor their education and for those who can not attend school for one reason or another we guide them to sustainable entrepreneurship through vocational skills training. We package this with a basic human rights course


Here we provide 2 piglets a male and female to each orphan Piggery program to help each assisted orphan start his own piggery project. On a few other occasions we may give out chicken but pigs are cheaper and more sustainable with a high multiplication rate and a very good immunity


We plan to construct a bigger and fully facilitated Children's Center so as to accommodate the ever growing number of orphans. Right now we are the Phase 1 of acquiring land.

We Plan to further boost our Piggery Program with funding of $4500 so as to be able to empower as many orphans, Widows and Youths as possible.

We have a plan of identifying Forster Parents for our ever increasing number of orphans at the center. If you are interested in adopting any of our orphans then let us know and we shall together work out the procedure.


Just look through our plans and identify some thing you can support. We wish to remind you again that with out your generous support we can not possibly have success in our efforts.

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