Wakiso Sub-county alone has an approximation 7010 widowed women of all ages with the biggest number of these being between 18-27 age bracket. About 82% of these lost their husbands to the deadly HIV/AIDS pandemic leaving them infected with the virus and with the responsibility of taking care of their orphaned children as single mothers. The Ugandan traditional culture just like any where in Africa does not privilege women with education leaving them incapacitated and dependent on their husbands. Education of the girl child is a new phenomenon in the Uganda society and its little progress is only realized in the urban centers of the Country. In the Country side the plight of the women there is worse than imagination can stretch. Those who may not know this will find it had to believe that in the villages women are even inherited, believe it, it is very true. These terrible short comings added to the acute poverty puts the widows in a very vulnerable and marginalized state.


PROJECT 55 seeks to empower such groups of people so that they can be lifted out of their misery to sustainability.  Through the use of integrated intervention models we aim TO HELP THEM HELP THEM SELVES 

Our approach seeks to help these widows start their own appropriately sustainable businesses, Provide them with alternative education and also bring key life resources closer to them for greater prosperity and sustainability.


Starting A Business

Through your kind support and other fund raising efforts we raise seed capital that we use to start a carefully selected and agreed upon business sustainable enough to change the life of the individual widow in question.

Alternative Education

We conduct FUNCTIONAL ADULT LITERACY (FAL) Classes as an alternative form of education to this group of less fortunate group of adults. Through the FAL program we teach every day functional skills like basic reading and writing, How to start and manage a simple business, Human rights, sustainable agriculture, Vocational Skills like Tailoring, Living Positively ETC.

Bringing Key Life Resources Closer

This approach sources and brings vital development resources nearer to this group of people. Resources like market for produce, alternative technologies, sponsorship packages, breast cancer seminars, translated Human Rights info packs ETC.


Our FAL program has to date successfully passed 420 widows empowered and ready to face and take on the world.

PROJECT 55 has assisted 25 widows start their own piggery businesses and 18 of these still have their businesses running to date.

6 widows have found new family connections abroad after using their sponsorship offerings very well. Now they take pride in having new family friends abroad.

Our Tailoring Class has successfully passed out 42 widows and 23 of these widows have started successful tailor and design businesses that are ongoing to date.


To all our generous donors we thank you very much on behalf of the entire project team and the beneficiaries. We surely could not do it with out your kind support. Your sacrifice has helped change lives incredibly. Thank you a million times.

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